MMC 3260 / MMC 5015 Communications on the Internet
Professor Carlson; Credits 3; Prereq Junior standing or above.
History, development and current state of online communications from teletext to the World Wide Web. Focuses on how online services relate to mass media in the past, present and future. Analyzes content methods, audiences and income sources. Students create online projects related to mass communication.

JOU 4946 Applied Interactive Newspapers
Professor Carlson; Credits 3; Prereq JOU 4104 and JOU 4201.
A senior course bringing together the work of the preceding news courses into actual experience and newsroom training in the preparation and handling of news copy, pictures and syndicated materials.

JOU 4341 (Fall) Reporting and Writing for Online Media
Professor McAdams; Credits 3; Prereq MMC 3260 and JOU 3101 or RTV 3301 or RTV 3301c.
Develop suitable stories as a modular package using primarily text and some photos while learning to think about unique possibilities of multilinearity from the start -- before they begin reporting the story.

MMC 2265 (Spring) Technology, Change and Communications
Professor McAdams; Credits 3; Prereq none
The Internet has been called the third great revolution in communication. How will daily life change as this revolution continues? It's hard to tell exactly how new technologies affect us while we're in the midst of the changes they make possible. Alphabets, paper, the printing press and the telegraph have changed not only the ways in which humans communicate but also cultures, governments and economies, art and religion. To predict where the Internet and other newer technologies might take us, we will look for patterns in the adoption -- and mutations -- of earlier innovations.

MMC4341 / MMC 6936 (Spring) Advanced Online Media Production
Professor McAdams; Credits 3; Prereq MMC 3260, JOU 3601
Advanced skills in appropriate technologies for producing online journalism. Sophisticated design of navigation interfaces for online information; screen/page design and site structure planning; Web video, audio, photos and animation; Web forms and databases. Emphasis on professional techniques and standards. Several software packages used; students must be able to take initiative in learning. Students complete a final portfolio project.

MMC 6441 (Fall) New Media and a Democratic Society
Professor McAdams; Credits 3; Prereq none
If free speech and a free press are essential to a democratic society, is a democracy threatened or improved by the growth of the Net? Is the Internet protected by the First Amendment? A stronger and more participatory democracy may emerge in the United States because of changes related to new media. Empowerment of the public also could be deliberately prevented. What should journalists do as these events take shape?

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