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Pain and the Prairie

Don't you just hate the damn GPD?

     It's Friday night and you've been invited to several places to enjoy the evening with various friends. But most of them are going to establishments where you must pay to get in, buy your drinks, then hide in a corner or behind others so you can drink because you're under 21. Too much hassle. Then it is brought up that there's this "huge" party going on at the Campus Club apartments; four kegs. What else is new? At least you can dress casual, get wasted for free and possibly "hook up."
     So you go and it's all you expected it to be. You grab a 16-ounce red plastic cup, fill it up with Bud Ice beer, walk over to a card game in progress and take a shot of some unknown clear liquid, mingle outside with all the smokers, fill up your red cup, talk to someone who says he/she has got the same chemistry class as you, fill up the red cup, take another shot, bum a cigarette while outside, fill up the cup one more time before ... 
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Look Away, Dixie Land

     The Dixie One Stop is like a lot of small-town Florida convenience stores. It has rickety old gas pumps out front and the obligatory Ho-Ho's snake cakes and Pringles chips along with the more provincial boiled peanuts ...
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Whippet Good

It was a clear morning, toward the close of November, when Jared Kirschenbaum slowly worked his way outside. Meanwhile the wind had gathered strength and the broad light-sheets of early morning rose from the horizon ...
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Murder on the Treasure Coast

     Port St. Lucie sits on the east coast of Florida, about an hour north of West Palm Beach, on the so-called "Treasure Coast," so named because of the sunken ships found off the coast holding fortunes in Spanish gold ...
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