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Along the Highway

He Never Left 'Nam

     On my end was a solemn hush. When Terry Morrow finally understood that I was more than merely a stranger without a purpose, he invited me to spend a few days with him. Bidding me make myself at home, he entered the "lean-to" for the purpose of preparing dinner. Never will I forget that supper. Stewed cabbage, 7-grain bread (just baked), coffee, without cream or sugar, and guavas for dessert. After we had done full justice to the meal, we sat down under the moonlight. Terry asked if I had any cigarettes, and when I handed him a Camel Light, he lit it and seemed perfectly content.
     We were seated on the porch of Terry's Town Parc apartment. I could see at a glance that the three of us were in for a long night. The retired Marine, Roland "Choo Choo" Crayger smoked his Marlboro Reds, while Terry smoked ... 

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On Sending Marianne Away

     Marianne's nose was pink and plump from her mother's hand. She loved those chicken noodles but combined with laughter, they would sometimes pop right out of her nostrils ...
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They call it Progress

     "Well, yeah, I had to wake up at 5:45 this morning. But I drank some O.J. and my eyes popped right open."
     And so Joshua Green, the muscular, shaved-headed sophomore ...
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Along for the Ride

     In a cluttered room where the brown, wood-like paneling is reminiscent of 30 years past, Cliff Crawford leans back in a his chair to gaze out a window. Poster-sized maps line the walls. Stacks upon ...
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A Dog's Story

     Not all dogs go to Heaven. Some go to Anney Doucette, a 20-year-old University of Florida pre-vet student with a love of animals and dogs and the Beatles that is unmatched throughout Gainesville. She also is in love ...
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Swinging is Their Life

     Mike dances with Kris, who learned how about the same time as Julie Anne, whose partner now is Chris. He's the instructor. Anton learned with Mandy, who makes the clothes, and Krista organizes everything ...
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     They had been in the small examination room for over an hour and in the waiting room for an hour before that. It was their own fault for leaving them alone for so long. Months of marathon pacing can ...
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The Melody of the Freebird Cafe

     Melody Van Zant, the manager of the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is a redneck boy's fantasy girl. She stands a little over five feet tall, has a petite build, and medium-length brown hair streaked with blonde ...
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The e-bay-zing eeeeeeeeeeeebay

     A new shopping phenomenon is sweeping the country — one that allows shoppers to buy many types of merchandise from a single location. The savvy shopper, given just a few minutes, can find ...
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Independent Living

It’s 1:00 on a Thursday afternoon — could be any Thursday afternoon – and inside the Center for Independent Living, behind closed doors and a handwritten "Do Not Disturb"sign, a meeting is taking place ...
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On Animal Patrol

It is 1:30 in the afternoon when Civil Defense Officer Michele Marino, begins another day patrolling for Alachua’s department of Animal Services. But, before she can make it to her first call about a contained squirrel ...
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Gorby in Gatorville

The crowd was large and unorganized — a mob really. They had gathered haphazardly in front of the Stephen C. O'Connell Center and, as their numbers grew, snaked back across the parking lot ...
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Hallucinations on a City Commission Meeting

If there is special hell reserved for journalists, it surely consists of an eternal city commission meeting — a torturous litany of motions and procedures, proclamations, recommendations, actions and inactions ...
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‘...Instead of an Angry Tone"

Marching slowly to the pounding of a Native American tribal drum, UF students and other local human rights activists joined 10,000 non-violent protesters in a mock funeral procession to demand the closure ...
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