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Gay Talese

     "The real problem is what to do with the problem solvers after the problems are solved."
    Gay Talese



Born: February 7, 1932
Birthplace: Ocean City, New Jersey


About Thy Neighbor's Wife:
"Engrossing and provocative."
      Library Journal

About The Kingdom and the Power:
   "A landmark in the field
of writing about journalism."
        The Nation

About Honor Thy Father:
   "Brilliant . . . Indispensable."
       Los Angeles Times

About Fame and Obscurity:
   "Fascinating . . . Poignant."
       The Wall Street Journal


Books by Gay Talese:

Unto the Sons (1992)
Honor Thy Father (1971)
The Kingdom and the Power (1969)
Fame and Obscurity (1961)
Writing Creative Nonfiction: The Literature of Reality (1996)
The Overreachers (1965)
The Best American Essays (Talese - Editor 1987)


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