Weekly Quizzes(10%)

The weekly quizzes are intended to test your AP Stylebook knowledge and ability to edit copy. A question or two may also come from assigned readings. An extra credit question related to current news may be added at the discretion of the instructors. No late or make-up quizzes will be given. The lowest two scores will be dropped.

Newszine (30%)

During this portion of the class, you will be evaluated as employees of a professional, commercial, interactive newspaper. You will be evaluated on your productivity and quality of work as a member of a team, just as you would be as a worker at a media business.

Video Project (10%)

You will record, capture, edit and export a short video project demonstrating your understanding of the necessary hardware and software. Video cameras and microphones will be provided. Student will have access to workstations and Final Cut Studio 2.

Final Project (25%)

At the end of the semester, the teams will present a completed site to the instructors. The concept of teamwork is important. When you leave the university and get a job, you will become part of a team. And you will learn that a business succeeds based on the performance of the team, not just the individual members. Each of you will evaluate every member of your team, including yourself, at the end of the project. The instructors will adjust grades accordingly. Grading criteria will focus on clean code, logical structure, efficient usability and creativity.

Individual Learning Project (25%)

A key to your professional success will be adapting to different environments, technology and work routines. We will help you acquire a well-rounded skill set that can help land you a good job. When you are working full-time, you will need to be able to teach yourself new skills as they emerge or are necessitated. One of the most important things we can do for you is to install good habits of self-learning.

You will write a short proposal for an independent learning topic and a project to demonstrate your skill at the end of the semester. You will be required to blog about your learning process and give short presentations to your instructors and classmates. This project can cover a variety of topics but must meet instructor approval.

Grading Scale

  • 90 100 : A
  • 88 89 : B+
  • 80 87 : B
  • 78 79 : C+
  • 70 77 : C
  • 68 69 : D+
  • 60 67 : D
  • Less than 60 : F