Welcome to the future — of journalism

This is a course in which you will have a chance to apply the journalism skills you have learned in other classes and pick up some new skills related to the World Wide Web.

We will produce for The Gainesville Sun a publication called Newszine. Your work will involve selecting and editing stories, photos and multimedia content via a content management system. Newszine is a dynamic news publication intended to represent typical systems used in newsrooms throughout the world.

You will learn how to use on-line resources to post existing stories and create packages with additional content, multimedia and context. We will cover some advanced CSS and dynamic site planning topics. Students are required to have previous XHTML and CSS experience. The basics will not be taught in this class. A heavy emphasis is placed on video capture, editing and delivery. We will also discuss the alphabet soup of Internet technologies: XML, RSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL and more.

This is a course offered at the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications