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     Said to be one of the three most comprehensive videotex trials conducted in the United States, the Southern California Field Trial of Gateway runs from March 15 to Dec. 31, 1982.
     The trial involves 200 households in Ranchos Palos Verdes and 150 in Mission Viejo and is conducted by Videotex America, a joint venture of Times-Mirror Videotex Services, a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Times, and Infomart of Canada. The four most useful services, as ranked by the testers, are news, banking, shopping and games.
     While many details of the usership studies were kept proprietary, it was reported that participants said they wanted a comprehensive home information service and not just a newspaper or entertainment.
     The system goes commercial in the fall of 1984 and is predicted to break even by 1988-89. It closes, however, in late 1986 with the partners having invested an estimated $20 million.
     At its height, Gateway technology was used by newspaper companies in seven U.S. cities:

  • Los Angeles — Times Mirror
  • Minneapolis — Cowles Media
  • Jacksonville — Jacksonville Journal
  • Sacramento — McClatchy Newspapers
  • Phoenix — Pulliam Newspapers
  • San Francisco — San Francisco Chronicle
  • Washington — Washington Post

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