Officer Rod Scott of the Gainesville Police Department watches a replay during the Alabama game. Scott, who works the sidelines at Gator home games, said he had an earlier encounter with a ticket scalper outside the stadium.
     Scott said he approached two men exchanging money and tickets. The tickets seller had his back to Scott, but, when the buyer saw Scott coming he said in a loud voice: "You're selling these tickets for a dollar over their face value, right?"
     The seller turned and looked at Scott. "That's what I said," he answered.
     The buyer grabbed the Gator tickets, stuffed a few bills into the seller's hand, and quickly walked away.  The would-be scalper stood frozen, watching as his tickets vanish into the crowd, Scott said.
     "I was amazed that he didn't just tell the guy he had changed his mind about selling the tickets," Scott said with a laugh. (October 2, 1999)

Copyright 1999 Glenn Danforth