Norman Mailer

     "I think the internet is the greatest waste of time since masturbation was discovered."
    Norman Mailer

Born: 1924    Birthplace: Long Branch, N.J.


     "Mailer seems to think that for us mouth-breathing proles His Word is necessary for the continuation of life on the planet."
    Dr. William McKeen


     "This notion of the women's movement that women are good and men are evil is about as useful as Hitlerism or Communism or political correctness or any kind of ideology that is limiting or constricting."
       Norman Mailer

     "(Novelists are) a special breed of human being. Somewhere between psychologists, historians, detectives, students of style and manner we have a capacity to do things that other people don't ... we develop over the years to try to see someone as whole."
       Norman Mailer

     "Any politician who wins an election for the first time has a lot of stamina you owe him the same respect you'd pay a mediocre professional athlete"
       Norman Mailer

     "The difference between writing a book and being on television is the difference between conceiving a child and having a baby made in a test tube."
       Norman Mailer


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Books by Norman Mailer:

The Naked and the Dead (1948)
Barbary Shore (1951)
The Deer Park (1955)
The White Negro (1957)
Advertisements for Myself (1959)
The Presidential Papers (1963)
An American Dream (1964)
Cannibals and Christians (1966)
Why are we in Vietnam (1967)
The Armies of the Night (1968)
Miami and the Siege of Chicago (1969)
A Fire on the Moon (1970)
The Prisoner of Sex (1971)
Maidstone (1971)
Existential Errands (1972)
St. George and the Godfather (1972)
Marilyn (1973)
The Fight (1975)
Some Honourable Men (1976)
Genius and Lust (1976)
The Transit of Narcissus (1978)
The Executioner's Song (1979)
Of Women and their Elegance (1980)
Of a Small and Modest Malignancy (1980)
Pieces and Pontifications (1982)
Ancient Evenings (1983)
Tough Guys don't Dance (1983)
Harlot's Ghost (1991)
Portrait of Picasso As a Young Man (1996)
Oswald's Tale (1996)
The Gospel According to the Son (1997)

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     "I respect most boxers because they're violent people who learned to discipline themselves ... a good boxer is an artist ... Boxing is existential some fights are better than others."
       Norman Mailer

    "People drink to restore their egos."
       Norman Mailer

     "I understand one element of celebrity, which is the unreality of it. At the age of 25 I went from being the kid-next-door ... to being called a major American writer that's a role you just don't fit at 25 ... I use to feel I was secretary to someone named Norman Mailer, to meet him you had to meet me first."
       Norman Mailer

     "I care about reviews they affect your wallet in the most direct fashion."
       Norman Mailer

     "The last chapter of Marilyn, where I speculated on the possibility of her being murdered. It was not good journalism."
       Norman Mailer

"We're all divided souls, we've got two natures in us, You measure schizophrenia not by the fact that you're divided but how well the divisions speak to one another."
       Norman Mailer


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