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inexpensive -- expensive
fair -- must try

Restaurant Name Phone No. Address Specials Price Recommendation
August Moon Express 335-3888 1702 W. University Ave. Suite F-2 Daily lunch specials
fast food type
China Express 373-7128 112 N.W.13th St. Daily lunch specials
Fast food type
Chinee Takee Outee 372-7907 14 N.W. 13th St. Vegetables fried rice
Only for takeout
Golden Dragon 371-8269 3226 S.W. 35th Blvd. Family dinners like beef with bamboo shoots, almond chicken pieces $17 (for two)
$8.50 (per person)

Golden Full 372-4282 613 N.W. 16th Ave. Snow flake chicken
Seafood combo for family

Imperial Garden 376-6788 4005 S.W. 40 Blvd. Lee's hot chicken
Traditional Chinese garden outlook
Jade Gardens 376-7800 3510 S.W. 13th St. Seafood buffet on Friday & Saturday nights $8.95
Lai Lai 337-0888 2031 N.W. 13th St. General Chinese & Japanese food
$6 or above
Lake Palace 377-4660 3500 S.W. 13th St. Beef Pot
Mongolian BBQ seven days a week
BBQ $7.95
Mr. Han 331-6400 6499 N.W. 10th Place The only restaurant offers dim sum in town. (Cantonese lunch delicacies) $3-$7 (each item)
New China 335-6684 3423 S.W. Archer Road Hunan style specials like orange beef
General Tso's chicken
Szechuan Omei 372-6755 2201 N.E. 2nd St. Dinner Buffet on Tuesday & Saturday nights with Chinese disserts $7.99
* Szechuan Panda 336-6464 3830 S.W. 13th St. Szechuan beef noodles
Peking Duck
Seafood buffet on Friday & Saturday nights
Noodles $6
Buffet $7.95

* highly recommended, traditional Chinese food style

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Chinese Food in Gainesville

Prepared by Shirley Yam
Last updated in April 1997

Shirley Yam