My Mission Statement

My continued mission, and meaning in life.

By Darren Preston Lane

Start each day with prayer and thankfulness. Keep track of the time, enjoy each moment as if it were your last. Never hurt others, remember the good times, laugh at the hard times.

Start each day with prayer and thankfulness. Keep track of the time, enjoy each moment as if it were your last. Never hurt others, remember the good times, laugh at the hard times. Experience life to the extreme, know your limits, and be safe.

Don't have walls or boundaries, don't look back at what could have been. Be responsible for your actions. Be fertile and not a vine with rotten fruit, or an engine without fuel.

For in the womb of creativity, lives the child of imagination. Protect and nurture them, their simplicity is your strength, and their hope is your future.

Try to be as young as youth will allow you to be, through maturity, learn from your mistakes. More importantly learn from other peoples mistakes, then pass on what you have learned. Don't sacrifice who you are for who you are not, and do not compromise who you are, to become someone you would despise.

Have no regrets, never let foolish pride stand in your way, don't rest on your laurels. Keep your values, stick to your guns, and hold your fire. See all of your horizons, not just your shadow, but also watch where you are stepping. Have respect for others, if you must step near them, step around them, and not on them. These same people may gain your respect.

Stand up for what you believe in, and don't back down on your promises. Keep moving forward, and never step back. Help to build bridges, not burn them. You never know when you will have to cross over them again.

People may never understand your intentions unless you are specific. Never let others hold you back with their plans for you. Be true to thine own self, and not a conformist to the wishes or desires of others. Hold fast to your beliefs, be the "Captain of your Soul." People are afraid of things that they do not know, or with things that they know little about. The things that they (people) do know, are only what they chosen to know, or have been taught... These same people never question what they have learned, perhaps they do not know what is beyond their own door step.

Be interested in the things that you know nothing about, you will learn only because you want to. But don't condemn other people or their ideas, you may not understand their reasons.

Take pride in your appearance, and place passion into your work. Strive for excellence, shoot for the stars, never let others hold you or your dreams back. Be both persistent and patient. Show your better capabilities and don't deny who you are. Don't be afraid to show signs of affection or of sorrow. Respect yourself and others. Put pride and conviction into your work. Work hard to be the best. Don't work so hard that you loose sight of what it is that you are striving for, and don't sit back for so long that you forget what it is that you are attempting to achieve.

Life is an unexpected journey, you make the decisions, you control the speed, you choose the direction. Once you have made a decision, you have to live with it, it is not always an easy road and their is no turning back. At times, you may lose your direction. Stop... ask for directions. At times it may seem like an up-hill struggle. At other times you may pick-up passengers, don't try to carry any more that you are comfortable with, it will slow you down and you might not make it to your destination. Do not complicate life any more than it already is.

Be aware of your situation, if you need fuel get it before you run out. Remember you always have to do maintenance and fine tuning. Remember that when you travel on the journey of life, it is a little more expensive to travel first class, but it is worth it. Only take with you what you need, don't over burden yourself with unnecessary baggage, it will only make your journey seem longer than it is. You should be able to run swiftly.

In times of argument, don't seek revenge, pray for your adversaries. Revenge will only destroy who you are, and it will ultimately hold you back. The "eye for an eye" theory makes all those who see it and others around them blind. Admit your defeats, don't deny your past or your failures. Don't try to solve the problems of others, that should be their responsibility. Work on fixing you, never point fingers at others, accept others for who they are, understand their shortcomings and help those who are in need.

During times of anxiety and fear, calm your thoughts in a rational manor, control yourself. The best control is self-control, and it is better to have peace of mind than it is to have bits and pieces. Be able to honestly look at who you are. The slightest failure of who you really are is the first sign of following others. You are an individual, not a clone, a person not a machine. A person that should be able to make mistakes, when necessary pay for those mistakes.

Never be jealous, don't let people stand on you or your dreams. Don't let others change you for themselves, and don't try to change them. People are human, not machines, don't expect people to be perfect. If you expect anything, expect to be disappointed, there are no guarantees that you will get what you expect. No one ever said life was fair, if it was, the obstacles and challenges that we have to overcome would give us no reason to achieve our goals, and life would be boring.

Remember, it is better to have a good name than riches, and it is better to be alive than to just live from day to day. Plan on short, mid and long term goals and hold on to your dreams firmly. If you don't focus yourself, you will lose grip of what it is that you are trying to achieve. Make your dreams as realistic goals, pursue only worth while interests, and shine where others have no ideas.

You have the abilities and a God given gift, and you have every reason to be happy. God wants you to be happy, successful and alive. Think good thoughts, take time to smell the roses, to have an inner peace. Listen to nature, view the world through clear eyes, always seek the truth.

Remember that it should be fun getting to the top of the mountain, and once you get to the top, you can see the view of other mountains. You can also see what you have had to overcome, and then you will respect the choices and sacrifices that you have had to make.

Don't just have an imagination or an idea, use that idea and work with it. It will help you to achieve your goals. You must always believe in yourself, because there are to many others that will attempt to tear you down. Remember that those who are afraid to take risks, in life, will attempt to put you down. Don't listen to them, you know who you are and what you can accomplish. There is nothing wrong with being a "dreamer," as long as you direct those dreams. Build yourself up, and turn your weaknesses into your strengths. The moment you quit, is the moment you fail, and that is just what the followers of the world want. Many of them want you to fail so that their lives don't seem so miserable.

Make no excuses, let your "yes be a yes" and your "no be a no." People who make excuses are not sure of their reasons or their answers. They are also the quickest to point out your faults and failures, they are just to proud and afraid to judge themselves. Don't listen to them, follow your morals, your instincts and your intuition.

Be honest and truthful with yourself, don't say that you can do more than you can, and don't do less than you are required. Do an honest days work for an honest days pay. Don't deny the truth, because it will remind you that it is there.

You are who you are, there is no one else like you, you have a quality to you that is different than anyone else. People can accept you or reject you, it is their loss if they are to shallow and don't give you a chance. Don't take your chances for granted, have the option to make responsible decisions, and be prepared to be ridiculed.

Never go to bed angry, settle your differences before you go to sleep, so that you and your adversary may both be able to rest peacefully. Having prolonged resentment is not healthy, what's done is done, there is no going back. Things will be healed with time, providing that you do not dwell on them. Slowly they will dissolve and the pain that they have caused will have diminished.

End each day with a prayer, be thankful for what you do have, and don't complain about what you don't have. Be thankful for the little things, and that you are alive. For your health, and that you may now live another day. Time will pave the way and life will fall into place. Live a life that is respectful and honorable, and in peace.

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