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It wasn't until recently that I understood how much of writing HTML was a matter of simple thievery. This sudden illumination resulted in nothing less than epiphany... as I began to scour the web in a revitalized search for material the possibilities of this new medium revealed themselves to me: "My God," I thought, "Not only can I shamelessly steal pictures, graphics, and layout ideas from other people, but I can link their pages to mine." So here's a few places to go, as if you didn't have enough already...


For Starters, I might as well plug the Brou again:

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 There seems to be a dearth of good humor in print these days... It seems that much of the talent has sold out and packed their bags for California (I would do it in a second). The incentive? Good old American $$$. Why struggle for years as an underpaid writer when you can pimp your talents to television? Surprisingly, some of the best satire and light commentary can be found on the good ol' idiot box in your living room:


With shows such as Dr. Katz, Absolutely Fabulous, and The Daily Show, Comedy Central has emerged as a lightning rod for young talent. I can't watch it 'cause the man took my cable away, but check it out either on-line or on the tube...



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Finally, if you like books, Amazon is a great on-line bookstore: