1971 coupe

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Assembly plant

Code Assembly plant
F Dearborn, Michigan
R San Jose, California
T Metuchen, New Jersey

Body Codes

Body Code Body Style
01 Hardtop
02 Sportsroof
03 Convertible
04 Grande (coupe only)
05 Mach 1 (sportsroof only)

Engine Codes

CID = Cubic Inch displacement, V8 = 8 cylinder, I6 = 6 cylinder, V = induction venturi (4V would be a 4 barrel carburetor)

Engine Code Engine Type
C V8 429 CID 4V Cobra Jet
F V8 302 CID 2V
H V8 351 CID 2V
J V8 429 CID 4V Cobra Jet Ram Air
L I6 250 CID 1V
M V8 351 CID 4V
Q V8 351 CID 4V Ram Air
R V8 351 CID 4V Boss

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