Who Rules the Cybercafes and How to Create Your Own!

The International Association of Cybercafes (IAC) was formed by Julian Bleecker in 1996 with the goal of bringing together a world of cybercafes.

The Cybercafe industry grows more rapidly everyday, similar to the Internet itself. The IAC's job? To keep Cybercafes focused and up to speed with Internet growth and all of the technoloby that goes with it.

Because of other, overwhelming resposibilities outside of the IAC, Bleecker turned his work over to Joie Kelly. Kelly is known for the premier network of cybercafe news and resourses, Cyber*Star Cafe Network. This network provides publicity and marketing for existing cafes and information regarding a start-up of a cybercafe.

On February 12, 1997, a revamped IAC was brought under a new bboard of directors. Their objectives remain the same, to empower the industry and represent the best interest of cybercafes of the future.