A Different Cybercafe Roast

The cybercafe culture is a little different in Paris, France, a place where cafes are a component of life. Unfortunately, 6,000 of those traditional cafes closed up shop last year. Never fear, however, cybercafes are here! Although there are only about 15 in Paris, cybercafes are opening up slowly but surely. Compared to the rest of Europe, France is behind in Web accessibility.

Why is this hub of fads and trends behind in the times? Two things pose a problem:

(1) The French are not fond of a system that is primarily English and mostly American.

(2) The large amount of money France has already invested in its successful Minitel information system which provides e-mail.

The entrance of France to the cyber revolution has lacked support from the French government and news organizations but the French youth are excelerating there country bit by bit into this newfound technology.

From nightclubs to discos, the internet has found its way into one of Frances oldest social institutions, the cafe. French cafes now offer establishments ranging from high-tech hamburger joints and music bars to chic, yuppie clubs and combination art/technology cafes.