Le Shop Cybercafecombines metallic design, electronic music, the Internet and hamburgers for the techno youth of France.

Zoweco, an African term describing human diversity, is a music bar sporting three terminals that don't stop running until 2 a.m.

Cristal Palace takesa us back several decades with an Andy Warhol decor and Jimi Hendrix music, but with a modern addition of computer games and the internet to entertain until 7 a.m.

High Tech Cafe is for the French yuppie and requires a membership card costing Fr600 a year plus an hourly usage fee. Professional can unwind after work with whisky and jazz aas they leisurely surf the Net.

Le Web Bar makes its home in a disused art gallery. It is intertwined with a regular cafe, a perpetually rotating art exhibit, sitting tables and a balcony of computers for peaceful, calm Web access.