You lumber in the car while your date hops in without a hint of weariness. You rub your eyes and start the car. You comment that you enjoyed the evening, and found the impromptu movie Web site lecture very interesting. Your date feels likewise and has a few more items to mention concerning movie Web sites before the date ends.

It may seem that movie Web sites have certain advantages over other forms of media that it might phase them out, but that's hardly the case. The Web won't replace newspaper or TV ads, "rather, the Internet is seen as an alternative medium" (Barboza D6). Radio survived TV, and film survived video, so this shouldn't be any differnt. In fact, the Web and other media will probably compliment each other like TV did for radio, and video did for film and vice versa. Plus, the Web might be a film's most interactive marketing tool, but it can't come close to the intrusiveness of a film's magazine, TV, and trailer marketing. A seemingly infinite more people have access to televisions, magazines, and movie theaters than computers and Internet access.

Movie distributors certainly have found a nitche market on The Web, and have even further defined it as nitche's have formed for independent films and the larger mass-targeted Hollywood films. While there always seems to be a problem with software improving faster than hardware, other annoying tendencies of movie Web pages -- like Web sites not being activated until the last minute -- are bound to improve. As global box office records shatter with each coming year, and the Web becoming more of a global influence, it seems that the two forms of entertainment and information will rely on each other more and more.

With the sun slowly creeping over the horizon, you thank your date for a wonderfully informative evening and hope that you two can do it again sometime soon, except next time you're choosing the conversation. With all you've learned on your date, you are more anxious than ever to investigate the online world on the computer at work, right after you wake up.