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Internet Gaming Programs

Straying slightly from the topic, for those who are interested in the importance of computer programming and the possible revenue it can generate...this is for you. In an industry facing billions of dollars of revenue at the turn of the century, gaming technologies will be one of the most lucrative areas of programming.

MicroGaming, who controls a large market share in the gaming programming industry, relies upon several safeguards that help to make their product secure. In an attempt at self-regulation, MicroGaming has instilled programming consistent with industry guidelines.

Random number generators, which are independently certified, insure that all games are fair. Automatic save features protect players from disconnection or lost ISP. Encryption technology to secure transactions via the Internet. All precautions are taken to secure the server from hackers.

If you are interested in learning more about the mechanics, programming and statistics of the games, visit the MicroGaming homepage at