Melissa's Food Picks

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She's from New York, so she knows good food. Melissa's also a college graduate,however, so she's used to the worst.(1)


Fresh fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers
anything found in the summer garden
Baked macaroni, cheese, and eggs
introduced to me by a local mafioso
Cabbage stuffed with rice and tomatoe sauce
I honestly miss it now
Turkish coffee
served in a glass similar to a shot glass, very strong

In betweens

Stews and soups
beef, goat, sheep, or chicken
a cheesy, bready pizza-like substance
Pasta, salad, rice
bland hunger pain pills


cheesy tomato and pepper soup, also called "grease soup"
Kos (yogurt)
warm and bitter, but good for a sick stomach
Meat in the summer
"as it just sits in those open butcher areas and rots"
Everything has lots of oil, just floating everywhere
scavenger fish in the U.S., delicacy in Albania, sticky and boney