The Food of Albania

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Technically it's all edible. Some tastes wonderful, others are to be avoided, what else is there to expect of a foreign country? Look at a description of Melissa's favorite and most dreaded meals(3), or view a typical meal.

Sunday Dinner in the Dritan Duraj Household


Bread:Thick on the inside, hard on the outside. Watch for imbedded rocks in the crust
Tomatoes:With or without vinegar, there always there

Yogurt:Thick and warm, perfect for bread dipping

Main Course

Chicken:Same as in the States

Beef:No antibiotics, no preservatives, and not very easy to chew

Noodles:With no sauce, it's a welcomed bland entree

Fish:No salmon, no grouper, just bottom fish-carp. And they taste just like what they eat


Creme Caramel:There's a whole ton of it, but it's never enough

Fruit:For those who want figs and prunes, you're in luck. Expect to spend for bananas


Water:Unless boiled or bottled, don't drink!

Beer:Abundance of Italian Peroni or Morretti, but rumors are numerous about the native Tirana Beer brewery

Raki:The infamous Albanian liquor, makes Jack Daniel's taste like Fruit Punch