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State of the Union Address

President William Jefferson Clinton / January 23, 1996

Sample of claims made:

1. Our Economy is the healthiest it's been in three decades.

2. We have the lowest combined rates of unemployment and inflation in 27 years

3. We have completed -- created nearly 8 million new jobs, over a million of them in basic industries…

4. For three years in a row, we have had a record number of new businesses started in our community

5. The welfare and food stamp rolls, the poverty rate, and the teen pregnancy rate are all down.

6. We have worked to five the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington 7. The era of big government is over

8. There is now broad bipartisan agreement that permanent deficit spending must come to an end

9. Since 1993, we have all begun to see the benefits of deficit reduction

10. Lower interest rates have made it easier for businesses to borrow and to invest and to create new jobs

11. Lower interest rates have brought down the cost of home mortgages, car payments and credit card rates to ordinary citizens

12. The combined total of the proposed savings that are common to both plans is more than enough, using the numbers from your Congressional Budget office to balance the budget is seven years and to provide a modest tax cut

13. Every year a million children take up smoking

14. Our administration has taken steps to stop the massive marketing campaigns that appeal to our children

15. We agree on time limits, tough work requirements, and the toughest possible child support enforcement.

16. (Teen pregnancy) has dropped for two years in a row

17. We've created a new student load program that's made it easier to borrow and repay those loans 18. We have dramatically cut the student loan default rate

19. More and more Americans are working hard without a raise

20. Four dollars and 25 cents an hour is no longer a minimum wage, but millions of Americans are still trying to live on it

21. In 1993, Congress cut the taxes of 15 million hard-pressed working families

22. This expanded earned income tax credit in now worth about $1,800 a year to a family of 4 living on $20,00

23. We moved to protect the pensions of 8 million working people and to stabilize the pensions of 32 million more

24. Over the past two years, over one million Americans in working families have lost their health insurance

25. In the past three years, we've saved $15 billion just by fighting health care fraud, and abuse

26. Violent crime is coming down all across America

27. In New York City murders are down 25 percent

28. In St. Louis (murders are down) 18 percent

29. In Seattle (murders are down) 32 percent 3

0. The Brady Bill has already stopped 44,000 people with criminal records from buying guns

31. The assault weapons ban is keeping 19 kinds of assault weapons out of the hands of violent gangs 32. We do have cleaner water and air

33. Lead levels in children's blood has been cut by 70 percent

34. Toxic emissions from factories cut in half

35. Lake Erie was dead, now it's a thriving resource

36. 10 million children under 12 still live within four miles of a toxic waste dump

37. A third of us breathe air that endangers our health

38. Congress has voted to cut environmental enforcement by 25 percent

39. Lobbyists for polluters have been allowed to write their own loopholes

40. The most significant environmental gains in the last 30 years were made under a Democratic Congress and President Richard Nixon

41. More people than ever before live free and at peace

42. For the first time since the dawn of the nuclear age -- there is not a single Russian missile pointed at America's children.

43. North Korea has no frozen its dangerous nuclear weapons program

44. Through tougher trade deals - over 80 of them - we have opened new markets abroad

45. Exports are at an all time high, growing faster than imports

46. This Congress banned gifts and meals from lobbyists

47. This Congress forced lobbyists to disclose who pays them and what legislation they are trying to pass or kill

48. Today our federal is 200,000 employees smaller than it was the day I took office as President

49. Our federal government is the smallest it's been in 30 years

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