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Research Abstract:

With both the media and public becoming increasingly more skeptical and aware of the practice of political "spin-doctoring" methods have been developed to filter / validate political messages of all types. Some of the most common techniques currently used are "ad watches", political commentary, and most recently, debate as the preferred communication forum. The primary purpose of each of these methods is to ensure that the messages communicated to the public are both valid and backed by supporting evidence. This study will identify what trends, if any, exist in the maintenance of validity within the text of each State of the Union Address delivered during the time period between 1975 and 1996. In addition, the research will examine effect of outside variables, such as political climate, time (proximity to election year), and presidential approval rating, on the validity of State of the Union Messages. For the purpose of this study, only those claims relating to the economic or social status of the country will be included.

To provide a basis for comparison, and to determine the amount of attention being drawn towards the topic, this study will also document the extent to which print media has reported on the maintenance of validity in each of the State of the Union Addresses.



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