The Third Quarter (con't)

It's Show Time
Back in July of 1996, Yahoo! Inc. and Digital Equipment Corporation, agreed that AltaVista would be Yahoo!'s preferred server. The benefits of this agreement have been even faster service. When Yahoo! cannot find a search term you have entered it automatically switches over to AltaVista. I will cover these two "engine" together since they are related.

AltaVista AltaVista is little different from Excite in that as opposed to learning advanced codes, you can just click on a "Simple" or "Advanced" icon, and the rest is gravy. If you were to access the "Advanced" screen you would see all the advanced syntax you need. The advanced characters are the same as those in Excite - and, or, not. However there is one additional term "near." Excite automatically picks up terms "near' what you have queried.

In a simple search, you simply type in the search command and viola. If you are querying a group of words together you simply use brackets like "Chicago style pizza." Because AltaVista is such a powerful tool, you can basically type in anything and get some pretty good hits. When I first started using this program I noticed I could type in many of the same search narrowing terms as Excite and have no problem, so give it a try.

Yahoo! As stated previously Yahoo! is a directory, not a search engine, so it does not have advanced terms and such, you just type in what you want - as narrow or broad as you like and go!

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