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The First Quarter
Are you new to the Web?
The First Quarter is for players in their rookie season.
Web "engines" and "directories" are defined in the First.
In addition, common search problems are illustrated.

The Second Quarter
Are you familiar with the Web, but have no "skills" when it comes to
choosing the best engine to use for your searches?
The Second Quarter is for those who are "riding the pine."
Here engines are defined according to their search method, as well as,
the kinds of searches they are utilized best.

The Third Quarter
During the "Third," we will discuss the search commands for each engine.

The Fourth Quarter
In the "Fourth," we're taking it straight to the hole.
A varitey of search tools are discussed.

Shout Outs - Sources
"Shout Outs" is the reference page. It provides
liks to references for this site.