The First Quarter (con't)

How to Get Your "Game On"
The Introduction
First, there are two types of web browsers. The most popular browser is Netscape Navigator and it is my reference for this work. The two most recent version of Netscape Navigator are 2.02 and Gold 3.0. 2.02. In the updated versions of the browser, Netscape Gold 3.0 there is no toolbar, but you can get to Netscape's list of search engines by typing "" in the "Location" bar. Not all search engines are listed, however the list provided is sufficient for most research.

I have used Microsoft's Internet Explorer several times and found it to be a "dressed down" imitation of Navigator. Explorer's search icon is a magnifying glass that will link you to a listing of Web engines.

Engines vs. Directories
In my research, I came to realize how the term "engine" is abused, so note the two interchangeably throughout this document. However, please note there are Web engines and Web directories. Elements within the pages, such as graphics and page titles, determine their order of appearance after the search. At location," the engines are:

Excite AltaVista Lycos HotBot WebCrawler

With a search engine you can simply type in you criteria and the engine's software visits Web pages and lists what it finds. I recommend engines for very specific searches, for example "Shaquille O'Neal".

The directory listed is Yahoo!, the most popular search tool on the Web, however Magellan is a directory I have used previously through Netscape Navigator. Magellan's address is, and is a wonderful search tool. A directory classifies information and lists Web pages accordingly. Directories are best for surfing and when you want very specific information on a broad topic (e.g. clip art).

In addition, there art two services I define as hybrids. A hybrid combines the features of both engines and directories, and can be searched like either. The hybrids are:

Infoseek LookSmart

The other search tools listed at "" will be covered in the "Fourth Quarter."

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