Mike Blommel

Hello and thanks for visting my Mustang web site. I've had a long time love/hate relationship with my Mustang, a 65 fastback. So I decided to dedicate a web site to my favorite car, the Mustang. My 65 was my first car, I bought it a week after I turned 15. At the time it was a sad, rusted heap I paid $950 for that I had saved while working for my dad. Over the next three years I stripped it down in my brother-in-law's body shop and did the best job I could restoring it to its former glory. I spent most of my free time in high school working on my Mustang, but If I had it to do over again I wouldn't do anything different. I still own the car today and although from time to time have had problems with it I will never part with it.

I'd like to thank some people who helped me work on my car. First my Dad, he lent me money, picked up parts, welded, sanded and otherwise was involved in every aspect of my Mustang's restoration. Thanks Dad. Also on the thank you list is my brother-in-law Frank Riechl. He taught me everthing I know about bodywork, he also painted my Mustang. Last is Forrest Golf, he built the 289 small block for no charge and gave me the engine parts I needed at cost.

After keeping it in storage for a couple of years I hope to get my Mustang back on the road soon Maybe I'll see you on the highway sometime real soon.

If you have any suggestions, sites to add to the link list, or comments on this page feel free to email me at any time. Thanks for visiting my Mustang page and I wish you many happy miles of highway enjoyment.

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