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Grits Gresham wrote in Sports Afield magazine, "South Dakota pheasant hunting is an opportunity that you can't pass up. Gracious hosts make this state one of the great places to be outdoors in the fall." Hunters have access to nearly 4.5 million acres of public land, and there are over 3000 acres of prime pheasant hunting land available in the east central area of the state.

"Walking corn rows and weed patches on a cool, autumn day, awaiting the colorful cock pheasant, is part of growing up for most South Dakota farm youth." (SD Vacation Guide) You are invited to join in the annual hunt!

The ringneck pheasant, South Dakota's most sought after game species, was first introduced in the heart of the Glacial Lakes and Prairies region near Redfield, and can be found in healthy numbers througout the region today. The season starts in mid-October and continues until mid-December most years.

Hunting is not just reserved to pheasant in South Dakota, other game includes grouse, prairie dogs, waterfowl, turkey, coyote, and more. For additional information, click on the hunter!

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