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If the great outdoors is what you enjoy, Custer State Park is where you need to be. Situated among the majestic Black Hills, the park offers a wide variety of activities at each of its four resorts: Legion Lake, Blue Bell Lodge, Sylvan Lake, and State Game Lodge. No matter if your favorite is fishing, hiking, rock climbing, or simply relaxing, there's something here for everyone.

Named as one of the United States' National Scenic Byways, the 14-mile, narrow Needles Highway threads around and between regions of sky-piercing granite spires on the flanks of of 7,242-foot Harney Peak. Snaking through hairpin turns, narrow tunnels, and scenic overlooks, the view from the 6,440-foot summit spans the entire Custer area. In addition to its four resorts, the park is home to French Creek Natural Area, Wildlife Loop Road, Peter Norbeck Visitor Center, and the Black Hills Play House.
One of the most exciting and unique events at Custer State Park is the great "Buffalo Roundup." The thunder of stampeding bison echoes throughout the park as cowboys on horseback, assisted by rangers, corral the park's herd so they can be branded and vaccinated, with the excess sorted for November auction. This spectacle from a bygone era takes place every year in late September or early October.

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