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"The wind is crying here, in this savage landscape, sobbing and whining like a forlorn child. It is the most prevalent sound, rustling up the arid gulches and sighing through the prairie grasses. Once a wooded forest where dinosaurs roamed, now a haunting lunar-like landscape." (SD Vacation Guide)

Over 35 million year of wind and rain have eroded the Badlands into a horizon of jagged spires that span 24,000 acres. One can take in the magical beauty by hiking one of the eight marked trails that stretch over 11 miles. For miles and miles around, there are no signs of civilization, with only wild animals making their home here--including coyotes pronghorns, buffalo, and deer.
Also included in the "must-see" experience is the Badlands Petrified Gardens. Here you can find the largest petrified trees and logs ever found in the Badlands, as well as an extensive indoor exhibit of prehistoric fossils from the Cenozoic era and the area's largest displays of fluorescent minerals, agates, and crystals.

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