Conquering New Territory: The Black Press

and the World Wide Web

The black press has been in existence since the foundation of the first African-American newspaper, Freedom's Journal, in 1827. Over the last 172 years, publications of all forms have emerged silently and risen to positions of pride and prominence in their respective communities. Though a number of these newspapers and magazines no longer exist, their impact on the lives of thousands of Blacks is immeasurable. A Timeline of the Black Press provides an informative look at their historic journey through nearly two centuries. The term "black press" is defined on the page appropriately titled Definition of the Black Press. The section titled Old Soldiers, New Territory spotlights two of America's oldest African-American newspapers and their transition from print media to publication on the World Wide Web. New Challeges for New Frontiersman discusses the advantages and disadvantages Black newspapers encounter when deciding whether to publish an online version. Bibliography contains information about the resources used in the creation of this project. The Black Press Gallery contains photographs associated with the early days of the black press.

Table of Contents
Home A Timeline of the Black Press Definition of the Black Press Old Soldiers, New Territory: Afro-Americ@
Old Soldiers, New Territory: The Indianapolis Recorder New Challenges for New Frontiersman Bibliography Black Press Gallery

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