On the Rise: Umoja Orchestra

Sebastian Lopez(vocals/guitar) of Umoja Orchestra

Umoja Orchestra's Latin-infused tunes have made it one of the best-loved bands in the local music scene. Since it was created five years ago in a college dormitory, Umoja Orchestra has released three albums and performed with about 20 current and former members, according to singer Sebastian Lopez. Lopez, who also plays guitar for Umoja, has been with the band since it began and is proud of his band's long genealogy of members.

Michael Pedron (bass) of Umoja Orchestra

The band's Spanish lyrics and Latin-influenced musical style set it apart from other groups in the area and keep fans coming back for more. Umoja was the first concert that UF student Ashley Richardson attended in Gainesville, and the band inspired her to get more involved in the city's music scene. She now serves as director of RUB Entertainment's Bands Committee, which brings music-related events and concerts to the UF student body.

With 13 members and instruments ranging from the banjo to the trombone, Umoja Orchestra's music will reel listeners in and never let them go.