The Music of Sirenia Claire

Current Members:

  • Gabriella Polyak (vocals)
  • La Paix (synthesizers, vocals)
  • Joe Kraus (guitar)
  • Logan Fischer (drums)
  • Ryan Knowles (bass)


  • Self-titled debut

For Sirenia Claire, music is about passion. Singer Gabriella Polyak's goal for their debut record was to get their songs out to the public and make people truly feel their music. Although they are a relatively young band, the members' songwriting process has become increasingly collaborative with each passing month.

La Paix actually produced their new record, while Polyak drew from personal experiences to pen the album's emotional lyrics. The first track, "Our Lead Hearts," describes a rough patch she experienced in one of her relationships with melodic grace. Other songs, such as "Stairwell Love Affair," are a celebration of the happier aspects of love.

The emotional and musical range of the album makes it a strong debut for the band, and it is difficult for the members to choose any one song as their favorite. Bassist Ryan Knowles prefers "45 Confidential" because of its dark undertones and "sweet bass line," while guitarist Joe Kraus changes his mind every week as to which song he loves best.

Sirenia Claire's live show is a continuation of the intimate music showcased on its album. The band members are able to share their songs with people in a fun, exciting way onstage that they cannot accomplish through music recordings alone.

"The best thing is playing live," Knowles said. "It's just fun to do. I get to drink and play music, and it's just a good time."

Kraus is proud of the way the band is able to collaborate not only on song recordings but also when they perform, creating a great show for people to watch. Polyak agrees, citing the way the band is able to connect with audiences on an emotional level as well.

"We put a lot of passion into our own music, and people can feel what we're feeling when we play," Polyak said.