On the Rise: Sirenia Claire

Sirenia Claire (left to right: Kraus, Fischer, Polyak, La Paix, Knowles)

Sirenia Claire may be a recent addition to Gainesville's music scene, but its well-crafted lyrics and multi-layered songs are quickly drawing attention to the band. Formed in the summer of 2009, the group has already released its self-titled debut album. While its members have a difficult time labeling their sound, band member La Paix considers "synth pop for the masses" to be the closest fit.

La Paix (synths/vocals) of Sirenia Claire

From singer Gabriella Polyak's smooth vocals to bassist Ryan Knowles' rolling bass lines, Sirenia Claire's music is at once soothing and commanding. Polyak, 21, has been singing since she was a child. She also speaks Russian because her family is Ukrainian, and she is excited about the music she and the other members of Sirenia Claire have been writing. For drummer Logan Fischer, also 21, the band is as close as he can get to playing music as a job right now, which he plans to do in the future.

Since the band just released their first album, Polyak said their current game plan is to "keep writing, keep pushing the CD forward, and just keep moving."