The Music of Bang Bang Boom

Current Members:

  • Darren Andrews (vocals/guitar)
  • Chris Chaires (drums)
  • Travis Martin (bass)
  • Lem (tambourine, vocals)
  • Ryan (guitar)


  • Self-titled debut album

Bang Bang Boom's debut album shows off the band's playful spirit and high-energy music with style. Released in early 2010, the record shows off the band's skill and songwriting talent and is a solid first outing for the group. It was almost an accidental album because the band originally went into a studio to record one song and came out with a whole album, singer Darren Andrews said.

Now that the band has released a record, Andrews is looking forward to doing a tour across Florida and the East Coast. He realizes that this dream could end up becoming a reality by tomorrow or be postponed for months, depending on the how the members feel.

"We've never been much for planning anything," he said of the band.

While the band sounds good in a studio, they really bring the noise live with their energetic concerts.

"We really go balls to the wall," Andrews said of their live show. "You have to come and see it to understand it."

For RUB Entertainment's Bands Committee Director Ashley Richardson, a Bang Bang Boom show is always a reason to get excited.

"Bang Bang Boom knows how to put on a great show," she said. "It's definitely a change of pace."

According to Andrews, fans have to come out and watch one of the band's concerts to understand why its shows are so popular.

"You can't help but be entertained," he said.