On the Rise: Bang Bang Boom

Darren Andrews (vocals/guitar) of Bang Bang Boom

Bang Bang Boom has been peddling its fun-loving garage rock around Gainesville for the past three years, earning the attention of local music fans with its free-spirited live shows and catchy tunes. A staple of the city's music scene, the band combines colorful lyrics and grinding guitars to create songs that are loud, fast and fun.

Travis Martin (bass) of Bang Bang Boom

For UF MEISA President Jennifer Arellano, whose first Gainesville show was a Bang Bang Boom concert, the group's sound falls somewhere in between garage rock and the music of the Arctic Monkeys, a British band. The band's members, however, are more likely to describe it as "psychedelic funk sex magic."

Regardless of how one defines Bang Bang Boom's music, one thing is certain: whether you're listening to the band's debut album or dancing at one of its concerts, you will be having fun.