photoshootThe list of equipment is endless. On this site I am going to show you how to make beautifully lit photographs inexpensively and with less equipment. I use and recommend canon gear. Nikon does have similar products, so if you are using Nikon it is not hard to find the equivalent of any of the following items.

What You Need

Camera: Single Lens Reflex

There are many types of cameras. For this tutorial we will work with the SLR. The SLR is the most commonly used camera by professionals. You can pay anywhere from $600 to $8000 for one.

Hot lights

Hot lights are lights that are on constantly. They are like the lights in your room, or in your lampshade. For photographic purposes, they are called hot lights because they get very warm after being powered on for a long period of time.

These lights are usually on the cheaper end. Because they are emitting a continuous light, they allow a photographer to see exactly what they are dealing with in terms of light. The down sides to these lights are that you have to plug them into a wall, and you have to replace the light bulbs when they die.


Flashes are more expensive. If you are a serious photographer flashes are a must. Flashes are portable, and if you by a transmitter, you can bring your studio anywhere. Flashes can be much more powerful than a hot light. They are not continuously lit, but the burst of light they emit is very bright.

The only down side to a flash is that you canít see the light before you take the photo. It is important to learn how to arrange hot lights before you buy a flash, that way you can learn how to play with light.


This is a device that turns your flash units into off camera slaves. When you release the shutter, your flashes will receive a signal from the transmitter and all will fire in sync.