Study Sessions and Note Packets

A studious girl.

Unless you are the best student in the whole world, you won't be studying for a test days in advance. Stop arguing, because you won't. Ever. Thank goodness local businesses cater to the slackers in all of us.

For all those math and science classes that you have to take as General Education requirements (a.k.a. classes that teach most of us things we'll never need in the future), there are two basic resources you need to know about: Smokin'Notes and TutoringZone. For a nominal fee, you can buy class note packets, which even include flashcards, and get a crash course tutoring session in the classes you haven't attended all semester. A few hours of your weekend and brain aches are well worth sacrificing before that big test.

The Library System

The UF libraries will be your home away from home. You will immediately flock to Library West as soon as the dreaded test weeks start pooping up. Professors love to schedule tests all in the same week, so there will be times where you will have to kiss your social life goodbye for a while. In steps Club West as your favorite hot spot. In between classes, it is a haven for nappers and procrastinators. At night it'll be full of people pulling all-nighters. Don't be fooled by the academic exterior; this is a prime people-watching locale. I recommend one of the fluffy chairs on the second floor. But if studying really is the reason you're there, make your way to the third and fourth floors. That's where things get serious. You could also venture to the law library on the outskirts of campus, or head to Marston or one of the libraries located within the different colleges. But Library West is where the party's at.