Party Time

One of the best things about college are the parties. There's something to do every day of the week. At UF, students work hard and play harder.

A group of my friends at
	an 80s party.

Theme Parties

ABC parties, toga parties, and 80s parties. Theme parties are always in style in college. When things start to get a little repetitive, they can add a little spice to your average get-together. Dress up. You may think nobody else is going to, but they will. And if your costume is great, you'll definitely get noticed. Group outfits work too. Make your friends dress like the Spice Girls or Power Rangers to go with you. They'll be glad they did.

Hosting Your Own

THosting parties can get a bit expensive. With all the supplies you need to buy, it may seem better to mooch off of other people. But every once in a while, it's going to come back around to become your responsibility. Be ready to throw down the money or it won't even be worth it. You don't want people leaving halfway through. And most importantly, be ready to clean up the disaster the next morning. The messier your house is the next day, the more fun it probably was the night before.