Go for a Visit, or Not

My friends at our
	First Annual Friendsgiving.

There's nothing like family to put things in perspective. They can be your support system, rooting for you every step of the way until you get through your funk. But they could also be your downfall. Mom and Dad don't want to see you crying all the time. They want to protect you from getting hurt and, ultimately, from yourself. Don't let other people make the decision for you. Whether you decide to go back home or whether you choose to stick it out and hope for the best, make sure you do what YOU want to do. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Make yourself happy.

Sometimes it's better no to go home. If you think you can handle it for a little bit more, stick it out. Gainesville's home now, so make it feel that way. Do things that would happen at home. Make your new friends your family. Have Thanksgiving and make your favorite foods. Have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Keep the tradition of your family's Easter cake alive with your friends. Home is what you make of it.