Living with Friends

After my first year in the dorms, I decided to move into an apartment with three of my friends from high school. It was really fun, and it was really terrible.

My roommates and I at our

Perks and Disadvantages

When you live with friends, they're bound to call you out on all your habits. It's harder than you think telling someone you care about how much you hate their lifestyle or their lack of hygiene can really ruin relationships. Fights about dirty dishes escalate quickly into much bigger issues. And when you're fighting with your best friends, you don't have anyone else to turn to to complain about them. But things usually blow over and go back to normal. You're friends for a reason, after all. And living with the people you usually hang out with makes transportation on Friday nights that much easier.


Living off campus makes having a car much easier. You don't have to worry about racing to the lots on Sunday nights in order to secure a spot for the whole weekend. Parking at your house is always a guarantee. But getting to class becomes a little tricky. The RTS bus system is free for UF students, so take advantage. Memorize your route in advance so you don't get on the wrong bus. If you live close enough to campus, consider biking to school. But please beware of pedestrians.