Dorm Rules

For those of you who are spending your first year in the dorm, I wish you the best of luck. In my personal experience, dorms are the biggest test of survival you will face. Living in a room with another person is not easy, and neither is sharing a bathroom with so many people. It could be a place to make lifelong friends, or it could turn out that you never speak to your floormates again. It's all what you make of it.

Our bunk beds in
	Riker Hall.


My friend and I decided to bunk our beds. Best decision ever. It gave us so much room to work with. It also allowed us to get a bigger refrigerator, which meant we had to do groceries much less often. Make sure you designate your space. This way you can blame the mess on your roommate when it actually is their mess.

Living with Strangers

The benefit of not knowing the person you live with is that you can both start from scratch . You are both going in to the situation without knowing the little things that make the other person unique. Think of them as your first friend. Your relationship can go as far as you want it to: best friends forever or the person you once lived with but always try to forget. Either way you're stuck with them for two semesters. So try to make it work. It's worth the effort.

Perks and Disadvantages

Living in a dorm is convenient. You can wake up 15 minutes before class and still make it on time. There's no problem finding parking in the morning or having to take the bus. And on game weekends, a nap is just a short walk away. Then again, there's no personal space. You don't have your own room to retreat to when things go sour with the roommate. And there's never a moment for you. But if you can make it in a dorm, nothing else will compare.