Koppers, Inc.

The company responsible for this whole mess, centrally based in Pittsburg, PA. They operate wood-treatment facilities around the country, releasing cocktails of industrial toxins into surrounding neighborhoods and ecosystems. Five years after creating a Superfund Site in Gainesville, Koppers sold their property to Beazer East, the new responsible party.

Beazer East

A private real-estate developing firm, centrally based in Pittsburg, PA. Beazer East is responsible for working with the EPA to clean up and redevelop the Cabot-Koppers Superfund Site. Beazer allowed Koppers to continue operating their wood treatment facility for decades after the area became a Superfund Site, detrimentally slowing down the site's potential clean-up, which Gainesville residents still eagerly await. Contact their representative, Mitchell Brourman, at 412.208.8805 or by email.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

According to the law, it's the EPA's job to pressure the responsible party - Beazer East - into cleaning up the site while keeping in mind the safety of nearby residents and local ecosystems. Most activists in Gainesville will tell you the EPA has functioned less as a law enforcement agency and more as a public relations firm for the responsible company. Contact their representative, Scott Miller, by email.

Protect Gainesville Citizens, Inc.

A group of concerned neighborhood residents who have taken it upon themselves to become activists. Recently, they've applied for a technical assistance grant. Their methods involve spreading awareness and education throughout the Gainesville community. This is a relatively new group, having only been around for a few months. Their meetings are on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 7 p.m. at Wild Iris Books. If you want to somehow make a difference, but you're not sure what to do, these are the people to contact.

Stephen Foster Neighborhood Protection Group

Another group of concerned residents who have taken it upon themselves to become activists. For decades, they've been protesting the operation of the wood-treatment facility in Gainesville. Now, they protest the EPA's lack of action and the health department's lack of useful information. Last year, they finally had the means to hire a group of established law firms to represent the residents who live near the site. A litigation group has been formed.

Xenobiotic Laboratories, Inc.

An independent laboratory hired by the litigation group to perform testing in the neighborhoods surrounding the Superfund Site. According to Steve Murakami, from the Law Offices of Robert H. Weiss, their methods are scientifically sound and approved by the EPA. Their tests, performed in January 2010, reveal a dangerous concentration of dioxins inside people's houses within a two mile radius of the site.

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU)

Experts from GRU will testify that our drinking water supply is in danger due to the leaching of creosote oils - a highly carcinogenic toxin - into the Floridan Aquifer. Their experts have argued with Beazer East for decades, urging them to implement more drastic measures to make sure the pollution from Koppers doesn't reach our water supply. Contact their representative, Rick Hutton, at 352.393.1218.

Alachua Department of Environmental Protection

The Alachua DEP is a good resource for those who want to find out more about the Gainesville Superfund issue from experts. They're just as frustrated and concerned as the neighborhood residents who have to breathe in dioxins on a daily basis. Unfortunately, they lack the financial means or legal authority to do much in regards to the issue. All they can do is voice their opinions to Beazer and the EPA.

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