The Glock Homepage

This is the official Glock site. It's filled to brim with all the Glock info you could ever need.

The National Rifle Association

This is the home page of the NRA. It's a not for profit organization that protects second amendment rights. That would be the right to bear arms for all you non-constitutional scholars out there.

Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence

This site is an anti-gun violence site where you can sign petitions and help lobby for anti-gun legislation.

Kirkpatrick Center Institute of Public Safety

Considering a career in law enforcement? The Kirkpatrick center is Gainesville's own law enforcement training academy.

U.S. Army

The official site of the United States Army. Just in case you want to use a rifle as you primary weapon instead of a handgun.

The Glock Wikipedia page

I'm not ashamed to say that I got a lot of useful information from this page. Don't worry, they were all cited and referenced.