Always Be Prepared

There is a distinct possibility you may never be in a gun fight.

If, however, you do find yourself in such a predicament wouldn't it be nice to be prepared? That's the purpose of this site, so that if you're ever in a situation where you find yourself taking cover behind a wall getting shot at, you'll know what to do.

Steven Botcher is a cadet at a local police academy, and he knows a thing or two about guns. In this video segment he explains the proper procedure for reloading your weapon in a live fire situation.

According to Botcher, the most important aspect of a live fire reload is awareness. You can't take your eyes off of your target for even a second, or you could end up with a bullet to the face. Also, there are two types of reloads. The emergency reload is for immeadiate threats, and the administrative reload is for when you need to either chase a target, or you have a pause in the firefight. For information on the gun Botcher is using, tips on gun safety or info about other types of guns feel free to search around the site.