Really Simple Cupcakes

Let's be realistic. Making any type of food, let alone baked goods, in a dorm can be challenging. However, it can be done if you have just a few tools on hand and enough counter space.

  • You're going to need an oven or a convection oven. Sorry, but this can't be done in a microwave. Most dorms have a group oven down the hall.
You'll still need an oven to bake. I can't teach you magic.
  • Be sure to read the full recipe before you begin so you can set out all the bowls you'll need. Clear off some counter space where you can work. I recommend using the top of a dresser and transferring the stuff that's usually cluttering your dresser onto your desk for a while, providing that your dresser is only about four feet high. You can even use your bed as a workspace, just be sure not to spill anything.
  • If you have an electric mixer, and plan to use it, then set everything up near an outlet and go ahead and plug the mixer in.
  • Once you have the bowls and other tools set out, get out your ingredients. Most of the items used in cupcakes can be stored in small Tupperware containers or in a mini-fridge.
  • When you're buying your groceries, try to only get a half dozen eggs. This will fit in a mini-fridge. A dozen eggs usually won't.
  • Once you have everything set out, go ahead and line your cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Put this in an easy-to-grab spot. You'll need it after you've mixed the batter.
  • Now you're ready to make the batter. Keep a towel on hand in case things spill.
  • Once the batter is done, carefully spoon it into the cupcake liners. Do this on a solid surface. Then carry your cupcake pan down the hallway to the dorm kitchen.
  • Claim the oven as your own and preheat to the temperature necessary for whatever recipe you used. Kill some time as you wait for it to preheat, but don't leave the kitchen or you'll run the risk of losing the oven (or burning down the building).
  • Bake your cupcakes. When time is up, carefully stick a fork in one cupcake. If the fork comes out without any batter on it, then they're done.
  • Let them cool and enjoy!