Delicious Cupcakes in a Dorm

Ever find yourself in your dorm room craving one of your mom's homemade cupcakes? I know I do, especially around finals.

I found a simple way to conquer these cravings. I just made them myself.

You may be asking, "How in the name of Rachael Ray is this possible?" It's simple. All you need are a few ingredients, a mini-fridge, a few small Tupperware containers and the use of an oven (most dorms have a communal kitchen) or a convection oven (if you're lucky).

The best cupcakes are homemade. Yes, the ones from the box may be safe, and they can be a back-up option, but try and get yourself out of your culinary safe zone and try something new.

And don't worry about the Freshman 15 (or Sophomore 30). The best thing you can do is to share your treats and only save one or two for yourself. This will make your friends, and your waistline, very happy.