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boba tea basic tea recipe

Basic Boba Tea

milk tea recipe

Milky Boba Tea

recipe from powder

Boba Tea
Using Powder

recipe from fruit

Fresh Fruit
Boba Tea

recipe variations

Variations and

Why should I make my own boba tea?

If you can find all the ingredients, boba tea is a quick and easy treat to make. And with the drink sold at most places for about $4.00 a cup, investing in some ingredients may be well worth your time AND money.

What kind should I make?

There are literally thousands of combinations of flavors and textures and ingredients you can add to boba tea. Here are a few ideas.

What do I need?

The recipes featured on this site are recipes for a few common types of bubble tea. Before you begin, make sure you have any ingredients that you may need. You may also want to view the recipe for cooking tapioca pearls and sugar syrup, the two staples of any boba tea drink.