Mix it up!

The added charm of boba tea is how flexible the ingredients are. There is such a wide variety of texture, flavor and drink combinations that can be made. Maybe some of these variations will inspire you to invent your own!

Texture Variations:

Try replacing the regular black tapioca pearls with some of these other ingredients.

  • Rainbow-colored tapioca pearls
  • Taro-flavored tapioca pearls
  • Green tea pearls
  • Choobees (vanilla-flavored gummies)
  • Coconut jelly/coconut meat
  • Sago pearls

Drink Variations:

Try using coffee, lemonade or thai tea instead of regular tea and water. Or what about using a flavored tea, like mint, raspberry or peach!

Recipe Variations:

Who says boba tea has to be made with just tea and ice? Why not make it out of something fun, like say...a Blue Bunny Bomb Pop! That's right, a bomb pop! Take a look at the video to the right for that recipe and try other fun variations below.

Try searching for "bubble tea ice slush" or "bubble tea smoothie" in Google. Your search can yield lots of recipes for making a colder variation of boba tea, the "snow bubble."