Ingredients you may need and where to find them:

Please refer to each individual recipe to decide what ingredients you will need.

Picture Ingredient name Where to find it
uncooked tapioca pearls Uncooked Tapioca Pearls In stock at most asian markets. May be found near the teas. Also available in quick-cook packages.
cooked tapioca pearls Cooked Tapioca Pearls Recipe found here.
cup of water Water Tap water is fine.
cane sugar Cane sugar Your local grocery store.
brown sugar Brown Sugar Your local grocery store.
sugar syrup Sugar Syrup Recipe found here. You may also use honey or a ready-made syrup mix (such as those available from Monin) as a substitute.
ice cubes Ice Cubes Your local icebox.
cup of tea Tea Brew your own using any flavor you like. You can use hot or chilled tea.
milk Milk Your local grocery store - any variety of your choice. You can also use a non-dairy creamer as a substitute.
boba tea powder Boba Tea Powder Common flavors like strawberry, banana and taro can usually be found in an asian supermarket. You can buy other flavors online. For a list of retailers, check the resources page.
fruits Fruit Your local grocery store - any kind will do.
coffee Coffee Your own brew.