Welcome to specialtea, a guide to boba (or bubble) tea for beginners and buffs. Here you can learn all about the unique drink that refreshes people from Asia to America. You'll find:

bubble tea

Boba tea: a delicious
non-alcoholic, non-
carbonated beverage.


Did you know bubble tea was actually named for the frothy bubbles at the top of the drink that appear after it is shaken, not the black tapioca balls? Learn more about its history here.


Bubble your pleasure by learning to make your own bubble tea at home with a guide from the recipes page.


Take a look at the resources page to find out where you can buy boba tea in your city. You'll also find information on buying ingredients and supplies as well as full boba kits.

But what is it?

What is boba tea, you ask? Check out the Boba Basics page for a complete breakdown of the drink, pearls and all!

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